Thursday, January 03, 2002

Whoops! In addition to forgetting what day it was, I unplugged my phone and had completely forgotten about Beate and Irene's party this evening. After no attempts at getting ahold of me - Beate pyshically tracked me down and found me completely out of it (having just woken up from my wine-induced Wednesday nap before heading into work) and managed to coax me out of my lethargy. Sorry, girls (if you are reading this) - I can't believe how lame I was to have forgotten. In any case, I luckily got there for two drinks and a round of Bop-it and Scrabble, and still had a good time!
I've been editing the homepage somewhat - but it's raising some interesting questions, as I've been looking into other web-hosting sites as well and can't quite make my mind up. I've some space on the Mac site - but iTools are so clunky on 56k. Oh - and I found out that Nerve axed my old website! I am kinda irked that they didn't tell me... I had some great photoshop lunacy that I was doing - but oh well. Nerve was another one of those sites that also loads incredibly slow, has stale content... (but the magazine is still pretty interesting. It's kind of like a very egalitarian unisexual version of Playboy, but for all sexes.)
Also - I realize one reason I haven't been touting my blog so much as I am worried about this becoming another thing I start and do not finish. I might try to get a week's worth so you all can read at your leisure...

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