Friday, October 25, 2002

This dream that is called human life seems to be more sleepy and chaotic lately. Possibly because of a busy schedule, punctured with 4 hour periods of sleep to catch up. I'm definately older as I can't accomodate the lack of sleep as I used to... My endurance is still there - but my mental facilities definately have this melt down after the 12th hour and I'm checked out and useless. Sadly enough, it was this same facility that lent itself to going out late and getting up early...
In any case - for those of you who claim that Enrique's talent all manufactured pop gloss, that he's all voice-over - here's proof that this man can carry a tune... Good gawd - it sounds like a bad karaoke marathon doesn't it? I wonder if that's how I sound like when I sing???

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

...And just when you think there is a shortage of booger-n-fart kinda flash games on the Web, here's a lovely game from Korea featuring a little girl who kills bee's w/her boogers. Yes, I'm conceeding to my immaturity here - but this game kicks ass!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Welcome to the future... I've finally figured out how to bleedin' image host on Blogger... Boooyeah!!!
Anyways - back to my life: Last Saturday, I went to Michael's party at the "Paradise Hotel" (for the LGFF)... I was requested to come "in character" since I declined the offer to wear a plushie outfit, so I decided to knock out my Halloween costume of Zombie Gucci Model. By the time I assembled myself into a sleazy looking late 70's ensemble, I determined I looked more like John Holmes than Zoolander (by way of a very sleazy Nick Cave in his "Let Love In" years). I arrived at the party with a buzz still coming off a bottle of Chimay, and met up with Kelly and James. The place was a done up affair - - rooms done up with installation pieces, drag, theatre and a haunted house. I took full advantage of the free Absolut and soon found myself more in character than I was accustomed to being, at one point climbing on the roof and wondering if I would make a glamourous corpse having fallen off in my vintage JC Penny White Patent Golf Pumps. Luckily I did not find out.
In any case - Send good positive Vibrations to Lyle and Rachel who have had a bout of bad luck (I'm supposed to be getting my charms soon from my Wiccan friend who claims they work.)