Saturday, June 22, 2002

Alright, alright, alright already... I know, i gotta get off line before I get sucked in... But this is so blogworthy today:! For all your evil needs!!!!
Ok - so I'm taking a small Soba' break from cleaning... but while looking up a song that Neko Case recorded, I found this great essay about her influences (*this is for you, Ian if you are reading)... Ok, back to cleaning.
Owch. I'm a bit hungover this morning. I went to two parties last night - first at Unkle Ken's new place in Belltown, a rather posh condo with a huge deck, and then later to Michael's house, where we stayed until 3am, chatting up a storm with Kelly and Michael and co. and drinking ourselves silly (ahemmm, Rachel?)... In any case, I've taken enough vitamins and drank enough coffee to get over the nausea slope.
Today is National Get Your House In Order Day. It's the day where you don't go out and instead stay in and clean like a possessed Joan Crawford banshee... Scrub the floorboards and listen to the bad reggae program on Kexp (because if i start to listen to This American Life on KUOW, all I will do is just sit there and stare into space, drinking coffee...)
Speaking of houses - I found this charming site of a
house in documentation. I love the design - it's very much like a retailer like Blue Dot, only he's not selling anything... Just documenting.
Yes, a timewaster, but a charming timewaster nonetheless.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Today is the summer solstice... It means something other than the longest day of the year, but the only thing I could think of was it was the climax in the Great Gatsby (from 9th gr english - images of Mia Farrow running away from Robert Redford were a defining moment in anyone's youth)... Any pagans out there care to help? In any case, the point of the day is that the sun hits the earth longer than it normally would... Which, if you lived in San Antonio - you'd be hating life about now... Melt much? I hate the heat.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Shout-out to my homies, Michael and Kelly!! Hey you two!! I must say I am very impressed w/your respective journals. They are sooo much more dynamic than my stagnant daily edits, no-frills report. I esp. love the more detailed descriptions and the comments section. I should really enhance this puppy here - but I've had little time... Well, at least I've two more people I can add to my links section perhaps even have a nav' bar on my own blog (god forbid)....
Today was the day before the longest day of the year, and a beautiful day at that - and where was I? Hotelling it in some strange closet space devoid of windows or natural light. Most people would probably have protested, feeling that they are not taking advantage of the 60 days of gorgeous weather... However, I was completely calm, serene... Ok with the fact that there was no natural light or that the air conditioning was at artic levels. Why is that? I think it goes back a far way that I tend to be an indoor cat -- as a kid, I used to spend my summers indoors, watching reruns on TV, the blinds all drawn to keep the house cool.
I was going to draw up a huge compare/contrast between living in nature vs living in some space bubble - but I think this was covered already somewhere...

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Ginger pointed out this intensely interesting story from the science news. Looks like teleportation could become a reality. Now - the argument really is: if you're molecules are killed and reassembled in the same spot, is it truly you or just a copy of you? Does your consciousness come with you? Do you revert to some cellular memory or are you a completely new person? Could you come back as the evil you - like the evil Captain Kirk? (By the way, I didn't come up with these questions - these were from Hodstaffer I think...)
Oh - and don't get me started on "the Fly" scenarios either... In any case, I think this technology is probably going to be used for mundane things (like JCrew sending the color you really wanted in real time). Yay retail.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I added pictures to my website from a hilarious Japanese game show called Smile Big Smack Hamster... Just when you thought the Japanese couldn't be any more avant gaurde or subversive. Ahhh, I do love a good game show that makes contestants wear cute costumes and subjects them to torturous tests...
In any case, I am suffering my own torture from burning my thumb on my new steamer. Like a true idiot, I grabbed the still steaming lid over my cooked Sole. Yes, I am of that breed of male that skips the first 3 pages of any instruction manual and goes straight to the grilling section (See Wok incident from a few months ago)... Needless to say, the steamed fish was somewhat gooey by the time I finished with it, but this TFal Steamer can do just about everything, so I am hoping to usher in a new age of eating more steamed vegatables...

Monday, June 17, 2002

Inspired by Amelie-like hijinks, you can look for discarded photomat photo's at IS THIS YOU?...
Sunday's Times was mapping out just what a dirty bomb would be like... Impact wise... Something you shudder to think, yet you do want to not rule out that something so horrific can happen. I can't link to the story, but needless to say I usually think about these scenarios as I walk up the Beacon hill bridge to Pacmed - it's span over the traffic of I-5, people on their way to work (like me), and a whole panoramic view of Seattle... I don't know why, partially because the bridge is ancient and I feel the damn thing tremble under my feet everytime a semi drives on it, or partially that I feel the need to confront the awful gut feeling that something unseen could be slowly undoing humanity as I quietly go to work. And then I remember that I am not quite as angstful as I was 10-15 years ago, to give it a rest, and get my ass in my desk asap.
In the meantime, it's nice to always have a constant in an ever changing world - like ABC doing a Go-Go's Biopic... I love the sensational, trashy biopic!! They are the network TV's waste products of the summer off season (because series are all in repeats until fall), so they resort to telling the torrid, terrible rise to fame of some celebrity, or in this case, rock band on the rise and fall to fame. The setting is always stagey, the actors are terrible, and the drama of someones life becomes reduced to cliche grunts and moralizing about whatever their crisis was at the time (in the Go-Go's case it was too much blow and too many boys!) I can't wait to see who they'll cast to party like it was 1982 all over again!

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Today is Father's Day... Please go phone your dad. Right now. Not later...
Again I didn't participate in Rachel and Lyle's yardsale. I meant to - but I still flaked and I am ashamed that I bailed and instead went to a liesurely long brunch with Beate... Sorry guys, i totally suck... And instead of selling - I actually ended up buying a rather large old office chair... I am not sure where I am going to put it - but it is pretty cool...
I am not getting enough sleep. I keep going to bed around 1:00am and then having to wake up at 6:30 or 7:00am... I went to go see Insomnia (find your own damn link for this - it's a summer blockbuster), speaking of, and Pacino's tired detective reminded me of my own fried mental state lately. The movie itself was interesting (as in Network Movie of the Week interesting, not 10$ ticket interesting)... Christopher Nolan certainly didn't dazzle us with anything new (*the whole cop on a morally ambiguous line is even more tired than the main character... And how many damn ariel shots do we need of Alaska?)... In any case - I'm going to rest my head a minute... I'm so tired....