Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Transitional sleepy day. The kind of gray day that feels like it doesn't exist - but not in that creepy Muholland Drive kind of way, more like it's a nameless, numberless kind of day. Like you wouldn't seriously know the day if you were asked. Hump day. Wednesday. Where-day?
Oh, oops, I guess it's the 2nd day of the new year, so I shouldn't be so glum. It's probably because it's the day that I start my next round o' nights (i go in tonight at midnight), which actually will be good cos' if it's not too busy, I can finally link and clean up the blog space and launch it to the unsuspecting public as V1. This is more uhhh pre-launch.
In any case - the ads are finally gone from this space -- yippee!
They keep playing the Au Pairs on the radio... Odd, since they seldom played them until recently. I just got email confirmation that my Petula Clark cd is finally enroute. Not that I was seriously missing it - it's just a nice CD to clean the house to, that's all.

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