Thursday, April 07, 2005

On the Papal Visit

On the Papal Visit

I suppose the pope's passing should get some merit - as I think this is one of those insane spectacles I'd never really thought I'd live to see. 4 million people descended on Rome, which never had any preparation for such an onslaught. The fervor that pulled people in is the same fervor that I find charming in a mosiac-your-house-in-a-religious-theme-but-entirely-with-dried-macaroni-kind-of-way, interesting, but something I'd never really do. I'm not religious and I tend to be more agnostic in my thoughts about spirituality (you can't define it in testements, torahs or stone tablets), but I can see and understand why people either love or hate him. He preached peace and then in the same breath condemned gays and unmarried women seeking abortions. He's part of a corporate lineage of religious business, inlfuencing millions and policies that still impact a woman's right to choose, safe-sex education and gay marriage, yet have not been elected by the same body of people (it just happens after much politcking). Don't even get me started in the creepy way it dealt with it's peodophilia problem (sweep it under the rug and transfer the offending priests to some other parish where they're free to do it all again. Rinse, repeat, repent).
I guess though as raised a Lutheran, I'm ambivelent. I have no grudge because the way history went down in the 13th century, Martin Luther saw the same ridiculous structure and posted his famous resignation letter to the catholic church. That's why I can't understand why people drag their dogme around with them like rabid knights on crusades still. Although - someone the other day at work said that anger brings you closer to godliness (because it's what makes you true to your emotion and sense of morality). Given that most moral compasses these days point to alot of self-justification, I don't agree. I 'd like to think that compassion, either within or outside of religion is what trancends us.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Addictions and Subtractions

So - I've now more power at my finger tips, finally having upgraded to DSL. I'm realizing what/why most of my time was wasted in an afternoon, and in just one word: iTunes. If there has ever been an argument for the concept of "trainspotting" as a concept that should be in the AMA, iTunes brings out the fanaticism in anyone. I have chased down more musical curiousities in 5 hours than I thought was possible (and purchased about 15$ worth of singles. It will make a good mix tape (if anyone out there is interested), but here's my current playlist:

2nd Floor
The Creatures


Cish Cash
Basement Jaxx & Siouxsie Sioux

LCD Soundsystem

Reason Is Treason

Let's Go to Bed

Scissor Sisters

Gossip Folks (Fatboy Slim Remix)
Missy Elliott

My Girl Josephine
Super Cat

Genius of Love
Tom Tom Club

Mega Medley

Yes - it's very post-Williamsburg,tonights-music-on-the-OC-was-brought-to-by, kinda teeny pop, but hey... it's stuff I'm jonesing to hear. You can also purchase the entire lot here if you have iTunes...

Pizza Out.