Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Hey kids - I'm going to be on vacation for a week or so, so no blog today through next week. Once I get to Bend, I'll start back up. I'm hella busy now, but I promise to pick this back up.
Have I ever led you astray?

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Powerpuff Girls - 3rd wave feminists? Possibly - but we forget that this show is, uhmmm, a kids show that's simply crossing demographics... In any case, I'll gladly go see the movie with anyone that cares to see it.
Speaking of going to events - Momus' Patchwork Tour is touring through Seattle tonight and they are playing at the Graceland... This will be a great treat kids cos not only is my fave avant-gaurde one-eyed scottish popstar going to take the stage in all his glory, but he's bringing much talent from his label, the Gongs, Super Madrigal Brothers, and Phiiliip... I caught Momus last time he toured with Stereo-Total, and was pleasantly impressed that he gave it his all, James Brown style - only with iMac-style jams worked out with his Palm Pilot... Go see, go see!

Monday, July 01, 2002

Canapés and Investment Tips Both Served to Well-Heeled - I can't help but think of this as another retread through some neoVictorian hell as imagined by Tom Wolfe... The whole Martha Stewart Scandal has been lighting up the society pages with tips on how to invite controversial guests and the descent of several stockbrokers in the social register. Of course, we all sigh w/petulant exasperation "who the f*** cares", but at the same time, i can't help but find this another hilarious sign of the apocolypse... or perhaps just the demise of one domestic goddess getting her comeupance for telling the masses how to blanche eggs. No, it's possibly something deeper - something more unstable. There's alot of shit getting overturned in terms of markets and people's perceptions. The Worldcom hoo-haw this past week sank a big dose of reality into our cynical and jaded ideas of business and we found that people do often operate without conscious and more by connections forged in the Hamptons or golf-greens.
In fact, there was this hilarious story of noir as almost could be imagined by Chuck Palahniuk, only it's terribly real and scary. Not that anyone dies or anything - but the fact that these freaks were allowed to run rampant is enough to make you wonder if this is how people are truly operating these days. Is fiction so far off? Are we getting more and more extreme all the time? Is this turning into some form of high-tech barbarism? i don't know... Luckily we're a peaceful bunch where I'm at. Kind of like the druids. Only wait - they burned people in large trees. Nevermind.

Sunday, June 30, 2002

Ahh - I missed a day. Sorry - was busy. I had a busy socializing kinda day, did errands, got into a very deep discussion with Jim on the fate of the economy, collapse of the US market, advancement of the next global ice age, and all sorts of depressing worst case scenarios... I then met up w/Rachel and Lyle and we went to Georgetown w/John and Tracy for pizza... I'd never been to Georgetown, but I must say - it's a whole other world over there. Feels kinda like an unknown neighborhood in Chicago...
In any case - the FBI kinda sorta hinted at possible threat on July 4th... Whoa geez! Well, they're not stopping flights - and well, I gotta live my life, so I'm going to L.A. next week.
Speaking of living free - Pride '02 is happening at this very moment - and again, I'm missing because I've too much to do... However, while everyone in Seattle, incl me, has been dissing it - deeming it tired and even more tired (and from looking at the lineup - it is the same sorry-floats from last year, the year before, etc) - we really have to acknowledge the fact we can even have an event like this. Would pride be able to be held in say - Egypt (where they put gays and lesbians to death?)... Yeah - I know, these sentiments are cliche, but dammit - value your freedom for a change (be you gay, straight, asian, black, whatever...) lest someone else decides to take it away.