Friday, January 04, 2002

Ugh - this night thing is killing me... I've managed to get about 6 quality hours of sleep - but I won't bitch - I'm off in 2 weeks. The upside (and something I should have acted on when i started this nightcrew stint) I am going to the gym tonight enroute to work... Thank god for 24 hr fitness (that is, if they are still 24)... I obviously hate working out with people around - so I'm praying it'll be dead at 9-10pm on a friday. Perhaps I might even use the pool? Longshot...
I think what working nights now is lacking that it didn't before was that there were usually people around to keep you awake. Now I am usually alone... This particular stint is very much like my TV days were I would literally be in this huge TV station completely alone. It felt like if you were on a huge cargo ship and running it alone - it could be done - but the feeling is very unsettling. Pacmed has a similar feel to it - even more so as it's this huge monstrous evil thing that is currently scaffolded and more gothic looking at nights. (Someone at work has this extremely bizarre sick doll thing that's supposed to resemble a toddler playing hide and seek. They propped it against a box at the end of the hall and I started having a "Bride of Chucky" moment at 2am and nearly tore the freaking thing apart because it scared the piss out of me.)
Oh well - if I start to crack up - you'll read it here first.

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