Friday, June 28, 2002

Good lord, it's just two little words... but of course, one of them is meant to invoke a diety and has deep symbolic meaning for many thousands across the nation... However, it is interesting to note that this was a recent inclusion - "Under God" was put into the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 to combat atheist communism advancing over the globe. I guess people still do not feel safe and need to know that classrooms across the invoking Yahweh to come down and kick some socialist booty (or probably any booty that's not worshipping the big "G"...)
Of course, none of the lawmakers up in arms over this remember back to when they were 9 yrs old and you simply made up dirty words to go around the pledge of allegiance.
In other news - it rained and I walked in it. It was nice. Heeeeh.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

This made the rounds eons ago, but I've just recently discovered the joy's of Triumph the Insult Dog and his sparring with Star War's freaks outside the premiere of Episode 2... Hillair!
Speaking of geeks - I broke my glasses, which is sadly pathetic. I am always banging away at them or they go flying off my face and remain scratchless, but today the frame broke that was holding the lense in place sending the lense to the floor and chipping it. It came right when I was making a point or telling a story to a friend I hadn't seen in a while, so it created this awkward, humorless moment and I caught myself thinking why I don't choose to wear contacts... I am a gigantic klutz in general. I am uncoordinated and when I walk, I tend to barely miss accidents by a centimeter... but I usually fall backwards on something or bump into blind people as I am pointing out things on the street. I spill coffee on innocent bystanders and barista's... Does anyone know a sport that makes you more agile? Perhaps I should take up knife-throwing...

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I'm whacked... I've got so much to do in the next few days before I go to LA next week (Hi Lorah!), It's scary. Speaking of scary - so, Cell phone's will not cause cancer, but they can cause brain damage according to Last Days'... Of course, I can't find the article online to back this up -- but Beate, you might want to consider wearing a lead coated helmut if they put those towers up on your apartment building.
Meanwhile, I've got to wipe a year's worth of sweat and grime off my face...

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

I've received a copy of the Tibetan Book of the Dead today. I think I got it because of a strange dream I had where I thought I could feel a ghost in my room... Perhaps it wasn't a dream. In any case - I don't know why I thought this would provide answers of some sort... Perhaps I don't even know the questions (as usual).
Meanwhile = It will kill Electroclash and that's probably a good thing: If they're mining all the postpunk blips and points, it's about friggin time they bring back DISCO PUNK... Think early-early New Order, Marianne Faithful's Broken English, early P.I.L, The Associates, and even dub stuff - Liquid Liquid, The Clash Sandinista, Blondie's Rapture, really edgy Grace Jones numbers - the whole pre-hip-hop electro-R&B bag... Up the base, stabilize the thrash, and get people dancing... Think of it as Mannerism for indie.
In the very sobering news department, a Large Asteroid Narrowly Missed Earth a few weeks ago!... You see, this is funny as I was actually contemplating the stars and skyline a few weeks ago (perhaps around the same time) and spied this strange light in the sky that could have been a planet, but was too big to be a star. Could it have been the asteroid? At the time, I calmly thought hmmm, I bet that's an asteroid or meteor that's probably heading to earth, and in some sick existential joke, the scientific powers-that-be know about it, but choose not to inform us as they want us to go through our days as we normally would until this apocolypse hits... I know, sick.

Monday, June 24, 2002

I made the mistake of telling my barber that my source year for hair is no longer 1979... I decided to ditch the John Ritter Shag go a bit short and spiky for summer, but to leave it full on the sides and back, but with the rule that it doesn't become a mullet. Well - long story short, I got a very lesbian style mullet from the 80's... Unfortunately, I can't even sport this out of irony... So I went and bought this Wahl home clipper kit with gaurdes and the whole 9 yards. I trimmed up the back and got rid of the mullet... Although, the back is still somewhat too full. I dare not touch it without supervision, however - lest I want a repeat of the headshaving incident of 1993.
In any case - I saw Guy Madden's Twilight of the Ice Nymphs, and unfortunately wasn't impressed. His earlier works (Careful and Tales from the Glimli Hospital) are far better, and interestingly enough, don't have quite the budget that Nymphs had... This later film, he abandon's his usual expressionist, intentional-faded/poor film quality for a big set saturated in cinematic color. Hopefully follow up attempts he'll remain true to form...

Sunday, June 23, 2002

I've no energy... It's been stolen. I've had this sugar crash thing going through out today, and have been moving at a snails pace ever since. I did manage to get through about 4 sets at the gym (even w/Issaih bailing on me this morning), but after that, I couldn't even increase speed on the treadmill. I think it's a combination of poor diet and weather. The warmer it gets - the more I slow down. I even napped yesterday for 3 hours (which I seldom do), so I am not sure what the problem is. Shit - I keep falling asleep in my chair as I write this... I must be tired.....
hmmm - are we indeed living at the end of history when we've money to literally burn? Apparently so - At theSwiss Expo.02 they'll destroy 2 Million Dollars as part of a conceptual art piece... Of course, the bills are decommissioned, but it still makes you wonder your own reaction to this...