Wednesday, May 28, 2003

We are a Camera

I have been seduced by the image and drawn over to to experiment what might be the coolest way to communicate since pictograms were considered crude grafitti. Fotoblogging promises to be a potential way for a 1000 Nan Goldin's to share their varying states of sexual dysfunction, longing empty pictures of foreign cities in exile, Cindy Sherman obsessed teens wanting to be someone else, or simply just pictures of your children or grandchildren. I decided to join this group for a time and see what happens. I'll continue to post the odd photo here, but daily - you are welcome to check out my fotolog...

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Jewel of the North

Sometimes I wonder why I still live here, and sometimes I wonder why I'd want to leave. Days like this it's both terrible and amazing. Rage and Solace. You can't cut your teeth on scenery like this in New York, but then again, you can't chew up the scenery here either - it is what it is, an inlet which provides an accessible route for trading, a yuppie paradise, a quickly decaying dreampark and grand mall of Kennedy-Era enthusiasm, retrofitted to a once-booming electronics industry, now emerging with a hangover and concern for the future. Ahhh, S-Town.