Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whoops... Why didn't you wake me?

Oh gosh -- I can't believe how much i've fallen off the blogwagon. A few days went by, then weeks, then months. I've had a few milestones, a few scares, and a few small victories (did the STP in one day)... But uhhh, there's been this nagging sense that I've let this go to pot.

I've had a few moments this election season where I've really wanted to comment, post videos, live-blog the debates, but so many more qualified and interesting people have already done that. Then there's the whole economic meltdown (which I commented on earlier -- hmm, told you so?), but that's just depressed me way too much. Then there's a whole slew of no on Prop 8 stuff out there that I can't even begin to address. So, I guess I'll just ruminate on the changing of the fall leaves... Ahhh, lovely.