Saturday, March 15, 2008

They Make Kembra Pfahler Dolls? I want one...

In the They-don't-make-them-scary-performance-artist-types-like-that-but-they-really-outta-start-reissuing-them-soon-cause-complacency-in-the-arts-and-feminist-backlash-is-really-chaffing-my-behind, Kembra Pfahler and the Voluptuous Horrors of Karen Black get their due at this year's Whitney...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Run-ins With Rufus

Ok - my brushes with Rufus:
1) Sometime near the dawn of the new century (1999 or 2000?), Ian and I went to see him play at Areospace (at the old/neu-Moe)... Ian commented that he was wearing his mother's patchwork bellbottoms (Obviously seen on the Magarical Family Christmas specials), and he made sure to touch his hand while getting his CD autographed (as he is want to do with any celebrity).
2) Sometime a year or two later (2001?), Ian and I are in line at the Cha Cha and Rufus is standing behind us. We comment on how good his show was. He describes the green room below in Areospace and ask if we've ever been. I make some lame comment that it must be pretty big that kills the conversation right there.
3) A few years later (2004), my then BF and I are staying at the Dufferin in Vancouver, watching bad strippers and gravitating towards equally bad karaoke next door. Rufus has just finished his concert in the Orpheum and is at the Dufferin bar with entourage. We stand about 10 feet away, newly sober and wearing lifts.
4) 2008 After much shunning of the Garland album, I break down and purchase 2 tickets for Paula and I to see him at the Paramount. Even though he was slightly far away - his voice still carries and his charm was still ethereal and acoustic.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Afterglow Light Pattern from Years Ago

Shrinking universes aside, I'm wondering if I'll be around to see anything else other than microwave patterns, the only proof of a relationship with the infinite... Lipstick traces of the big bang, or maybe it was just a passing fancy that expanded into a universe... then subtracted back into a small, dull ball that crushed everything... and never got invited anywhere. The universe decided to stay in on Friday nights, surf the internet and get caught up on past seasons of Lost and 30 Rock. But at least we can tell the people who support Intelligent Design to shove it.
Some forces in the universe however, are predestined collide like a supernova...