Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cancelled Due To Writers Strike

Today was one of those days where I felt like Bruce Dern in Silent Running; running around the space station with very little human contact. I've been sick and coming out of quarantine, but decided not to go to the company party at EMP. It's literally 30 degrees out and miserable (and since I've been good about not drinking and taking it easy this week, I figured don't push it). Instead I stayed in, cooked a salmon and watched Deadwood (*which I've had out on Netflix for ohhh, 3 months?)... I've come to conclusion that while I find it interesting, the characters intense and nasty (kind of like a corporate environment on steroid rage, surrounded by mud and bad grammar). I don't think I'll finish the rest of the season...
Instead I've been catching up on various gay art blogs. I found this image courtesy of Kaiserin (tagline: A magazine for boys with problems). I've been actually reading on zine assembly (courtesy of a little book called Stolen Sharpie Revolution). It makes me wanna get my sharpie and start something. I've still held the rites to (or maybe it's gone... not sure) - but something where I can put my manifesto up for all to see... But then again, I really don't have a manifesto (except, be nice and try to give people some room in life), and it wouldn't take up more than 2 pages. Oh, and isn't this what this blog is for? I guess I wanna be prolific in some fashion...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time Travel

Hot on the heels of being ambushed by friends from high school to make it to my 20yr Reunion, i decided to time travel back to teenage bedroom, circa 1984. It's part of the Miranda July assignment to draw a picture from your teenage bedroom... So here I am, drawing it... Hopefully, I won't pollute the timestream too much. The old 14yr old is asking me a ton of questions about the future... I simply nod and say nothing. I am trying to capture all of the 80's new-wave britmania I had going on at the time. I think most of it came from the English music tabloids (complete with lyrics and posters) and large scale posters I purchased from Rising Sun Records. I was prematurely convinced that these bands would change the world, as they did my hairstyle at the time... Little did i know then that the posters would change (some more obscure bands, giant photo's friends took at the time, eventually a chaotic mural i painted that would later be painted grey)... Now it's the southwest room (redone shortly after i left) probably going to be renovated into my parent's own masterbedroom at some point.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WianTreetin Roxxx!

Ok - sometimes you have one of those holy shit, i've just discovered innernet gold, and I think it comes in the form of video artist Ryan Trecartin's body of work posted on Youtube. I was lost, then I was found:

Monday, January 21, 2008

King and Economics

Today was an interesting blip or perhaps even an unravelling of the market... While America took the MLK day off at the stock exchange, the EU took a nosedive over fears that the US recession is a' brewin on the horizon. EU stocks dropped lower than 9/11 levels. This is going to make Tuesday's market all the more frightful and I'm anticipating this being a mad scramble. This seems like a replay of the late 80's Black Monday, but i've heard there's an inevitable crash (housing market and all that) possibly even deeper. My limited understanding of this comes less from facts (I barely have time to read the business section) but more intuition. Having lived through a few recessions and drops in the market price (my own strike price often underwater), I have that wince factor kicks in and can only wonder if we're going to be facing some kind of crisis...
In any case - MLK did have a few things to say on the subject of wage and economics himself, and has come out with a very interesting short docu on Buyout Billionaires...