Saturday, March 23, 2002

...and while you're at it - be sure to read Momus' latest essay on mod furniture and post-9/11 loathing in Perspective: Hell's Furnishings (from Metropolis Magazine)... Interesting arguments for/against aesthetics in questionable times...
I have a feeling that this line of sportswear will become very popular...
Filming for the dogme project is postponed until tomorrow - which is good, considering that i still haven't gotten alot of domestic projects around the house done. I'm listening to This American Life or at least I think it is - something about phone scams... I am waking up to the painful realization of how much in the red I am this month, however - much of this has to do with the fact that we were testing software at work, and forgot to cancel the test orders... Thus, I had $400 in orders shipping to me, the UK, DE. Big headache... So, I'm waiting to the next paycheck and get my finances in order.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

...and speaking of vanities, I must say how nice it is to see New Yorkers displaying their good taste by defacing posters featuring a much hyped celeb... while some of them are juvenile, the one's proclaiming "WE CAN'T AFFORD THIS ANYMORE" seems to be a shout out that empty, ironic icons aren't cuttin' the mustard (at least in NY where the real is needed now more than ever)
Played hooky today to clean out my closet and have lunch with Beate. While this wasn't the full-on spring cleaning I had hoped, I managed to excorcize alot of my ill-fated fashion flops and one-size-too-small shirts that will not fit me, even when I do manage to lose the weight (because S means SMALL, dammit)... In any case, all IS vanity - I kept thinking while throwing most of it out... Q: Why did I spend so much money on this silly vintage too-tight poly shirt? A: Because you thought it would make you look more thin and junkie-like during the 97-98 decadent midnight cowboy look crisis. I am a fool, and my money was quickly parted. Oh well, i'm damned if I don't get something back from RedLight or Xroads. And then - it's nothing but black tshirts and jeans from here on out.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

First day of spring brings a cold blanket of snow… No, not quite as enchanting as it would be in December, but instead an immobilizing menace that reminds me of those Eastern Oregon white-outs on highway20. Actually I shouldn’t bitch too loudly. IMHO to take tomorrow off and do laundry, clean, get caught up on projects, etc. Perhaps trapped in a winter wonderland – me, my mac, and new Smog CD’s.
I saw “Lisa Picard is Famous” last night (LEG, didn’t you recommend that to me?) It was a funny mocumentary on actors, reminding me of my stage antics last decade (although, that had nothing to do with fame. Getting drunk and doing things on stage was the first terrible reason I did it. Then when I sobered up and started acting, it was terrifying. Needless to say, that’s behind me now. Now I just get drunk.) In any case – the awful one-man show in “Famous” had me in hysterics – having been to my share of confessional pieces, it was dead on.
Speaking of fame – The Breeders had an article in NYT Magazine about them – the family drama of the Deal Twins and how they came back together after Kelly’s arrest/hospitalization. It’s oddly so “Behind the Music” for NYT, & the drama isn’t as compelling as we would expect (so you’re twin sister goes off the deep end – whose sibling didn’t at one time or another)… In any case, my point – and I do have one – the long awaited LP is said to be coming out in May. I hope to be pleasantly surprised – but the sophomore effort has been too long in coming from them, I fear.
In any case – I’m hoping to get out tonight. I feel like I’ve been couped up, so I’m celebrating the first snowfall of spring by breaking out of my warm, DVD-drenched cocoon and go out for drinks w/R and L.
Ta’ Ta!

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Since it's raining, cold, dark and wet - I'll share with you Art and Leisure's phat Sticker collection... You know, I've long heralded the coin-op vending machines as pop culture kiosks dispensing fastly fading catch-phrases. In fact, I used to trudge up to the late, great Red Apple Market simply because they had a better array of stickers (which actually resembled those trucker decals from the 70's)... Alas it is no more, but you can experience the fine assortment here.
Speaking of cultural tipping points - Ian Hodder is flying to NY tomorrow - we wish him a safe flight and time in the wicked old town.

Monday, March 18, 2002

I am braindead today, but I am giving off the illusion of compentancy. When is that not the case? I don't know - I am just feeling a bit old and decrepit today. Like the worn rug you keep from your college days because you don't know what else to do with it and it reminds you of happy, drunken times.
In any case - I'm T-7 to get to the gym and work on the parts that have been indulgently acculmulating pounds from last weekends binge on mexican food. Mexican food is a narcotic with me. Get it near me and I am gorging myself silly on tamale pie, the fat soaked excuse for why I didn't quite push myself hard enough yesterday. That's it - NO MORE MEXICAN.
Unless it's really good Pollo con Mole... Then maybe.
I've been chomping at the bit to post this story -- Thomas Kinkaid (painter of Light) has merchandised an entire housing development.Hodder, you reading this?! I got all excited - went to blog it, but the blog was down. Well, it turns out to be less sickenly exciting than it really is -- Kitschmeister Kincaid is only stamping his name on a series of otherwise bland condo's -- and no, they won't really resemble the artists work too much. No cascading waterfalls with rainbows and sunsets. No turn of the century town squares with rustic foliage and inspirational sayings... Just your usual sprawl, but with pictures by the artist in every home. Joy... Hodder, you reading this?!