Monday, December 31, 2001

I've been in a work coma so much, and having my phone currently borrowed at work, I discovered that my friend base got alienated over the past weekend (TRULY SORRY FOLKS! I didn't think to tell you that I had leant my cellphone out and was working throughout the weekend.) In any case, I am currently going over Rachel and Lyle's for their end-of-01 get-together (not so much party, I think this is more eat and sit and watch reruns, which is something that alot of people have been doing it... as opposed to doing it up.)

Oh sure - There were a few parties tonight like -

  1. the Conworks 'Heaven and Hell Ball' - but any time I am at an IQU show (the band who is playing, I feel like they have this great disdain for their audience. Also, I am sure the $30 pays for a whole slew of great shows and certain unsaid artists crashing there, but I just don't have it in me to force a good time because it doesn't include bartabs...
  2. the Shins are playing at Graceland. I would love to see them, but alas - Graceland is a breadbox when it's over 40 people.
  3. Faux Bang - It's like a moon cycle with them. It has to be a) on a Thursday and b) I have to be already really drunk to enjoy it and c) I need to forget it's not at Foxes. Last time I went was when I was stone cold sober and semi-bored, and I fear that I am slowly losing interest in screaming drag queens and spastic, elecrto-art-punk bands.

Obviously... none of them really appeal to me, which is why I am going for the low-key, no-cover, get-fat mode. I am going to bring my George Foreman Grill over to Rachel and Lyle's - OH! And possibly bake a cake (something I haven't done since I was... well, never)... So, I had better get crackin. A very happy New Year to you all!!

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