Saturday, April 19, 2003

The Big Aural O

Ever liked a song so much it hurt? It happens occassionally, someone will compose the right hook that will stir memories, lust, spirits and the impulse to buy the next album. I'm listening to the 23 person Polyphonic Spree live on KEXP and i'm contemplating going to see them tonight. They hit those choral notes that both chill and excite you, despite the silly hippy lyrics.
Speaking of Aural Stimulation - looks like these folks have tapped into that very idea with the Audi-oh!, a pleasure device much like the Orgasmatron in Barbarella, rigged on nothing but music, music, music. I can only wonder what Wagner must feel like...
If you'd rather drink than listen to your pleasure or pleasure your listening, you can rent Who's afraid of Virginia Woolfe and engage in a very pyschotic, Albee-inspired drinking game! Fun for everyone!! Yes, even you Martha (GET ME DRINK GEORGIE!!!)...

Monday, April 14, 2003

Poets Progress

They don't make romantics like this anymore:

However, the world needs more romantics and people making beautiful melancholia without it dipping into gothy escapism or misplaced exoticism. Antony and the Johnsons is this amazing band and vocalist that does just that. He makes these Bryan Ferry like soul songs that are operatic and heartbreaking, singing like a soprano on a mission, dripping honey and a strange androgynous, alien air about him like a Keates for the 21st century.
But alas - I will miss him in New York and also when I return. His Tour with Laurie Anderson is nothing short of amazing, but alas - I have conflicting tickets to see the Notorious C.H.O... So the question is - do I want to a) laugh my ass off or b) spend the night listening to sublime music? Well, all I can say is - I'm not sure yet, but if I were you and missed out on the Cho presale, I'd take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to listen to Antony.