Thursday, February 13, 2003

Bee Mine

Well, tomorrow is the day that reinforces all that was left of our idyllic, genteel and romantic notions of love, wrought from a pagan festival and then consumed by the greeting card industry in an attempt to help you reconcile all faults with your significant other for just one special night. Or perhaps it serves as a sore reminder to your current single status and the steady stream of surrogates you've had since the last big one broke your heart. Or perhaps it's a simple holiday to indoctrinate small children into the pains of relationships, symbolic exchanges and ultimately (gulp) rejection (sending every last one of us to some therapy session or talk show where we blindly look into the camera and say "I thought I had it all figured out"). Or perhaps it's just a simple holiday to celebrate simple love, if it exists...

Ralphie:'''Let's Bee Friends.' It says 'bee' and has a picture of a bee on it!''