Saturday, January 29, 2005


In the "about $%*&ing time" award goes to the new doco on Klaus Nomi. Nomi Song opened in New York recently and features interviews and rare footage on the legendary sci-fi opera-droid. Of course people are now hip to the appeal - man turns self into art, gender is fluid and talent is everything. I think I was listening to one of those compilations compiled by celebs (in this case Morrissey) and he included his "Death", which refrains this last passage:
Remember meeeeee
Remember meeeeee
A ghostly, sad telling of AID's and how it consumed most of the downtown art scene and Nomi himself. They just don't make my robot dragstars like that anymore....

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Things You Can Do on Sunless Days

The world was covered in an erasing fog again. I had forgotten about it and rounded a corner only to look out a window into a pure white fog that rolled in. Walking to work this morning - the cars formed patterns like a Joseph Stella painting - while the full moon hung over the city, looking ominous and cartoon like. More days like this, please... When I lived in Ashland, the gothic little arts town would be covered in a fog in the early mornings. It would roll through Lithia park and victorian houses - looking quite dramatic and made me forgive that it was unbearably hot often in the summer.

That reminds me - I should really find out what my good friend and former roomie Holly Kaiser is up to these days. (If you happen to be reading at all Hols, Call me!)