Saturday, January 19, 2002

Ok - today was the day I didn't clean my messy apartment. It was the day I awoke at 9:30 rushed up to Beate's to buy Poundcake mix and have sardines for breakfast. We then went to see Royal Tanenbaums (yes, I've seen this before -- but I seldom see movies twice, and thus this was a movie that I really dug on so many levels, so alas - I had to see it again)... Played pool with Beate and Irene at the Canterbury.
Evening - Met up with Rachel, Lyle, Eric and Yachen and went to Kirkland to see Eugene's Tapdancing recital. OK - now reread the the last 7 words of that sentence and picture the immediate irony and humor and brilliance of the situation... Yes, we travelled to the former burb (where in years 96-97, I spent roughly 40 hours a week and 5 hours weekly commuting to) to see a dance studio very unpretentiously present it's students in various skill levels and routines. All ages, gender, and body types participated, and the evening was refreshingly fun - I mean, why act so jaded and cool when 23 Fainting Spells can't think of a new number for the Fringe Festival whereas 8 senior citizens can get up and tap to "Pink Panther" and be completely off, but put more heart into it than you expected? It's just so funny that's all...
We then went to Midnight Garden for late night Chinese food and a backstage rehash from Eugene and his fried Melanie (?)... In any case, I've drank appx 2.5 JimBeam+cokes (after accidentally spilling .5 on Eric's bride to be, Yachen! D'oh!!) and thus now am thirsting for bed.

Friday, January 18, 2002

TG-Farkin-F. I'm feeling low-down and about to crash...I think the cold I've been fighting through supplements and disbelief is descending on me. I'm wary of getting sick - especially since next week's going to be busy... Or sort of. I don't know. I feel like I'm underwater when I am work. I seem to move in the below mentioned stasis - working on projects that tread like death until I see an absolute futility in doing them. I understand the need to document and plan and process, but this repeat cycle is getting to be so damn old.
I came home to try to learn Macromedia and see how quick I could throw together a webpage but soon found myself a mesh in directions and tutorials all bent on trying to cram every aspect of web-development into an 8 hour session that left me forgetting half of what I learned, disregarding the rest and starting to off-road and write the bad code I am notorious for writing. I didn't post any of my results yet. I keep realizing how little content I really have at the moment. It's probably going to consist of this Blog, links to my pictures, and a few favorite links. That's it. I seriously have to rethink why I am doing this. Especially since I've paid money to have the freakin ads removed off this site.
At any rate - I'm going dormant for the next 8 hours.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Some days are like blissfully robot-like. Automated, productive, scheduled, planned, executed, completed, cleaned and then to bed. I managed to wake up late this morning however, but somehow - resilliance took over and I used my otherwise-useless cellphone to call into the usual Thursday 9am meeting while enroute on the bus. It's a complete farce that I do this - yet strangely efficient - that I can walk and be part of some sedintary group at the same time. After getting off work - I managed to purchase my usually frivilous hair products, a cordon bleu pre-prepared chicken from QFC, and water for my workout. I then went home - timed a download of Macromedia's Dreamweaver Trial-program (which of course took 1.25 hrs on my cruddy 56k) while simultaneously having a very productive workout with Issiah at the Gym. Both I and my MAC a bit more sore and bulky than normal, having eaten the chicken, wrapped my scalp in the latest hairloss treatment and I'm about to retire... Odd, I had a completely different take on the day not less than 5 hours ago. I was feeling the monotony of my life dripping out of the sides, nothing happening, everything in stasis... Funny how a few rush of post-workout hormones can suddenly create a good day.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Whoa good golly! I am sore - but good sore. I met with my personal trainer today - Issiah, a very methodical and by-the-book kind of trainer -- which is really good. I am to meet with him Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm. We're to first bulk up in the coming weeks, then lose the weight, then gain a bit more muscle mass. Of course, I entertain paranoid, cynical delusions that the whole staff just sits around and thinks of ways to make me more fat so I'll purchase more sessions... I just filled out a questionnaire, it asked "I would like to eat meat every day and more times a day - always, sometimes, never"... It will be good though. I think this will kick me in the ass.
Also! Rachel managed to use the pass to join - so now I'll have more reasons to go...
Speaking of - There's a possible project underfoot with WigglyWorld's Dogme contest. Rachel and I are going to meet to discuss this... Who knows, maybe we can construct some uncomfortable shot-straight-on-video feature that will redefine the medium as we know it...

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

I managed to lose most of my Monday and Tuesday post... sigh. These were the days that I wanted to tape over anyways. It got unbearably cold and I again worked out late to combat insomnia. I again had strange dreams where I wasn't sleeping and working... i wonder why?

Sunday, January 13, 2002

I feel like catching up with my run-away life this weekend (or calling in sick tomorrow so i can do the same - but alas, I've so much crap to deal with it won't be possible)... So, I'm going to have to deal with all the crap minute by minute. I'm amazed at my inefficiency sometimes and lack of organization -- I even had the following dream which is really disturbing:
I wake up next to my bed and there are 3 animal cages containing a Kitten, a Puppy, and a Possum or like creature . I suddenly realize that these are actually all of my pets and I've neglected to take care of them for months! Suddenly, the horrific realization hits and I'm scrambling to see if they are still alive -- I open the door to the kitten's cage. Amazingly enough, it's become a semi-grown feral cat that's managed to survive off it's own filth and hairballs. I then proceed to the puppy's cage, which had managed to live off of a rodent (perhaps the Possum?) but since had succumbed to hunger and was barely alive in a mummified, stunted body with eyes carefully opening to look at me in betrayal. Horrified I quickly run to the fridgerator and forage for something to feed the animals. I find a half-eaten Quesadilla in the fridge and feed it to the Cat who wolfs it down and demands more... I then wake up to realisation that none of this is true yet it's all laden with guilt and symbols (and yes, Rachel and Lyle - this is probably why I shouldn't have pets or children)...