Saturday, April 06, 2002

Ok - you can't blame me for the lapse in days (this is actually being written on Sunday)... Blogger has had a blog jam somewhere and I couldn't post for the last 36 hours. Goodness. In any case, not much has been happening this weekend. I did the domestic thing, doing 5 lbs of laundry (to avoid doing taxes)... and then later went with Pam to our friend Dana's Housewarming. It was amazing to see what she had done with her W.Seattle home - it was completely a different place (tangerine walls, tiles, fancy furniture). Of course, whenever I go to freind's houses where they do this amazing redeco job I immediately think "God, at 32 I am still proudly displaying my thrift store art finds and trying to pass off my folding church chairs as utilitarian kitsch." Oh well, different stages of life, different priorities, i guess. Also, I've yet to have my garage sale where I finally get rid of these national treasures.

Friday, April 05, 2002

I am sitting at work, windows-shopping on various shoe sites…dreaming, hoping, wishing. Not this month. I’m on a strict financial diet for April. My finances have forced me to do a reality check and like reality, it’s not going to be much fun: Rachel and Lyle invited me to go up to Canada, but after quickly looking into my dwindling back account, I just realized my weakness for Robbeson street and all those discount, yet-seemingly-high end shoe shops. No, I had to refuse…. I could not go for I know that I would be in tow with some calf-damaging purchase from Aldo and 3 bags of Smarties (the superior Canadian M&M!!)… I would then spend the next month counting laundry change and trying to walk around in a pair of Prada-knockoff loafers that end up giving me blisters by the 3rd hour.
Sigh – instead, I am to stay home tomorrow and do laundry, clean and think about why my seemingly dull life seems to be so expensive lately…
In any case – it’s raining. Per my comments from yesterday, I can say that I am soooo glad.

Thursday, April 04, 2002

I started a joke, that started the whole world crying... No, not today. The sun was out, the weather was warm, spring was in the air... Everyone was happy - except me, sweating my way on up the hill. I hate sun because I hate sweating, yet I do it profusely (gawd, I'm doing it even now... WHY IS THIS!?). The closer we get to the 90's, the louder I will complain (and yes, I realise I risk angering the summer god who will cloak Seattle in rain and darkness through July, but dammit - I don't need UV light coming in and wreaking havoc with my pores... OVERCAST PLEASE, but without humidity. Thank you.
In any case - I'm feeling ill at ease. I had a bad "self day" after I caught myself and the shag haircut I am attempting to grow out and realized I look less like Noel Gallagher and more like John Ritter (and worse, John Ritter now).

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Busy long day... I got to work at 7:00 and have been in beta-fish mode (that mode where you know you are swimming in a mud puddle or small glass for the amusement of others)... only to get off at 6:00pm to cab it over to my doctors appt. I arrived obscenely early, and ended up falling asleep on my Irvine Welsh book (for some reason, the phonetic cadences of Edinburgh seemed to lull me into sleep)... I then got my exam, got a clean bill of health... Ian picked me up and we went to Catfish Corner for our fave Bit's and Pups (deep fried, and an extra heap of spicy special tartar sauce - mmmmmmmm!)... I got home kinda late, but not too late to call up my Pop and wish him a happy birthday (HAPPY BIRDAY, POPPA!) before he went to bed... Which is where I should go, because I am tired. So no midnight musings, or nutty links...
Well, ok - just one...
Ikea wants to remind you that this is what can happen if you don't invest in some storage for your...uh toys!

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

My head is in science fiction, while the dull reality spins wildly in control... in the meantime, who needs the sci-fi channel, when we've a family that wants data chips implanted? The border blurs... I can only wonder. I obsess over the body - being that mine is always up for a qualititative debate. I recall Mishima hit a point in his adult life when he saw his body in decay and quickly set upon working out and weight training. His reasoning I think was to escape death - not look slightly appealing in a pair of levi lowriders... I thought about it as well today -- why am I doing this? Who cares? Why spend all this money/time? A: To escape decay, inertia and eventually look good in a pair of lowriders. Mishima also became obsessively nationalistic and beheaded himself (that's probably one example I won't follow)...

Monday, April 01, 2002

Oops - I did it again. Yes, I didn't get around to putting in an entry yesterday -- what with my Sunday AM hangover (from boozing and dancing it up a Greek/Turkish Disco in Pioneer Sqr), coupled with a 2 hr gym visit and then running up to Beate's for Easter dinner w/her family - I was, well.. ok I didn't have many excuses. I've spent much of this weekend offline suprisingly (considering they've even swapped me for a new laptop from work - so now I've liberty to blog from anywhere)...