Sunday, December 30, 2001

Today was semi-productive, semi-useless... I got home and woke up around 2pm, got into a cleaning fit after drinking my much-needed 16oz Americano and proceeded to work counterclockwise around my studio, clearing some of the holiday fallout (ie, the christmas cards I was making, my various projects from Bedrock, etc) and organizing.
Unfortunately, I also found myself playing the 'Sims' between these cleaning fits, taking up much time and energy. I'm at a loss to find why this game is so compelling - I seriously hate it. Mostly for the time-suckage factor, partially because not one of my sims is happy enough to work at getting a new job, and the underlaying deep-seated fear that this game resembles our own lives is quite the shocker. I am trying to swear off this game. I would gladly give it to someone, but no one I know has a mac presently.
Aside from that - I'd also made a few photocards which I hope to send in the New Year (that is if I get ambitious enough to photoshop out the zits and wrinkles), made a tamale pie and watched "Night of the Iguana" (still marvelling at all the inuenndo's for drugs and sex in the 50's film. Tennessee Williams really had to wordplay around such controversies as lesbians and heroin back then.) The place is still a mess, with a mountain of recycling - but I'll take it out tomorrow... Yeah right.

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