Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Sitting at work (suprise, I scheduled myself...), still a bit queezy from last night's fun festivities at Rachel and Lyle's. Quite a few people showed up, including Beate!! As usual, Rachel's food-n-booz spread was terrific, and again - I mixed one to many (kaluha+rum+spiced egg nog+chai+vodka...) and was inevitably pretty silly by the time it rang midnight. (Oh yeah - and the cake turned out pretty good - but was undercooked in the interior a little...)

So, Palindrome year, 2002. It's a very neatly layed out year - resembles a B&BItalia couch that demands simplicity, tidying things up, cleaning up the crap from the asymmetrical and disasterous 2001. With that, my resolutions are as follows:

  1. Lose or Redistribute the Excess Weight from 00 and 01 - fit back into my 32" Helmut Lang lowriders. (involves x3 gym visits a week, and cutting 500grams of calories out of my erratic diet. See also, drink less at no. #10).
  2. Manage my expenses and pay bills on time - do not skate on grace-periods and last minute payments by phone.
  3. Go back to School in the Fall of 02 - whether it's full speed ahead into some big program (although too late to apply for that now) or just go back and get prerequisites out of the way...
  4. Call old friends and parents back.
  5. Write Grandparents more frequently.
  6. Buy Less Crap.
  7. Cook at home more.
  8. Read the paper.
  9. Clean more.
  10. Drink Less.
  11. Volunteer.
  12. Sing.

Yeah - Sadly predictable - but pratical, and practicalityhas been in short supply lately. Give me crap for not adhering to any of the 12 above...
(should also put a resolution about not being so emphatic about bullet points and ordered lists and to learn better html...)

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