Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Fish in a Barrell

Fish in a Barrell and the Shooting Of...

I've been pop culture obsessed lately... It's probably because a dose of spring vanity and the influx of major media spectacles (the Jacko trial notwithstanding) are doing a nice job of distracting us all from the real terrors.
The NYT this sunday had the easy target of going after the Olsen Twins for their Sartorial foolery. I'm not one to dwell on surface issues and trivialities of what mega-stars show up to their day-jobs, therapy sessions and workshop meetings in, but it does point to the whole "trying to be earnest" cult of "not appearing to care". There isn't any real revolution going on here other than the obvious:


Which one is trying vs not trying? The impromptu shots of the millionairess' walking askew w/a coffee beverage denotes importance and signifies power (because she can't truly be bothered, they've just adapted a language of bourgoise bohemianism that is borrowed from Williamsburg 5 years prior, but they're not going to let that stop us from laughing and pointing), while the alien oven-mitt from Vicktor-and-Rolfe has us running for the ailes...

Truly FUGLY as Salon has called it.

In any case - it's another brand of the "new/old sincerity" -- class is no longer a commodity because it's purchased on eBay for a few extra dollars.