Monday, December 31, 2001

I've been in a work coma so much, and having my phone currently borrowed at work, I discovered that my friend base got alienated over the past weekend (TRULY SORRY FOLKS! I didn't think to tell you that I had leant my cellphone out and was working throughout the weekend.) In any case, I am currently going over Rachel and Lyle's for their end-of-01 get-together (not so much party, I think this is more eat and sit and watch reruns, which is something that alot of people have been doing it... as opposed to doing it up.)

Oh sure - There were a few parties tonight like -

  1. the Conworks 'Heaven and Hell Ball' - but any time I am at an IQU show (the band who is playing, I feel like they have this great disdain for their audience. Also, I am sure the $30 pays for a whole slew of great shows and certain unsaid artists crashing there, but I just don't have it in me to force a good time because it doesn't include bartabs...
  2. the Shins are playing at Graceland. I would love to see them, but alas - Graceland is a breadbox when it's over 40 people.
  3. Faux Bang - It's like a moon cycle with them. It has to be a) on a Thursday and b) I have to be already really drunk to enjoy it and c) I need to forget it's not at Foxes. Last time I went was when I was stone cold sober and semi-bored, and I fear that I am slowly losing interest in screaming drag queens and spastic, elecrto-art-punk bands.

Obviously... none of them really appeal to me, which is why I am going for the low-key, no-cover, get-fat mode. I am going to bring my George Foreman Grill over to Rachel and Lyle's - OH! And possibly bake a cake (something I haven't done since I was... well, never)... So, I had better get crackin. A very happy New Year to you all!!

Sunday, December 30, 2001

Today was semi-productive, semi-useless... I got home and woke up around 2pm, got into a cleaning fit after drinking my much-needed 16oz Americano and proceeded to work counterclockwise around my studio, clearing some of the holiday fallout (ie, the christmas cards I was making, my various projects from Bedrock, etc) and organizing.
Unfortunately, I also found myself playing the 'Sims' between these cleaning fits, taking up much time and energy. I'm at a loss to find why this game is so compelling - I seriously hate it. Mostly for the time-suckage factor, partially because not one of my sims is happy enough to work at getting a new job, and the underlaying deep-seated fear that this game resembles our own lives is quite the shocker. I am trying to swear off this game. I would gladly give it to someone, but no one I know has a mac presently.
Aside from that - I'd also made a few photocards which I hope to send in the New Year (that is if I get ambitious enough to photoshop out the zits and wrinkles), made a tamale pie and watched "Night of the Iguana" (still marvelling at all the inuenndo's for drugs and sex in the 50's film. Tennessee Williams really had to wordplay around such controversies as lesbians and heroin back then.) The place is still a mess, with a mountain of recycling - but I'll take it out tomorrow... Yeah right.

Saturday, December 29, 2001

Q: Why am I publishing this at 3:00am on Saturday night?
A: I am working the nightshift presently. Back on nights for about a month, and already remembering that jetlagged feeling. Reality starts to curve and bend on your 11th hour, and after shorting your sleep schedule, dreamlife and your own lucid thoughts are really competing for space. Luckily, I've finally gotten myself stablized in terms of not dozing off at 3:00am.
Unfortunately, with my crazy schedule comes the return of the old stomach problems -- acidity and endurance seem to be tied up in my efforts to stay awake (and cheap coffee at work aint helping matters any). I definately know now why I had to leave this schedule... I can't remember why I stayed on as long as I had (2 years).
Socially, I've not missed anything. I went to a party over at Rachel and Lyle's this evening, and have been out the past few nights seeing films (to be reviewed later)... The downside is that you can't really drink and relax as you normally could (obviously, as I had to go to work in a few hours), and most bands will take the stage at 12:00, so going to see shows are out of the question on those nights. Oh well, this will only last until mid-january, then back on days.
So, after few feeble attempts a coupla months ago - I ineptly kept opening blog's only to forget their password, and then not wanting that lag time between the original post and the actual date, I'm going to again start over... Afterall, new year, new journal, new space. Hoping to eventually get a website so I can start posting this for all family to see along with photos, so for now, I'll just crash here.

So hello. If you are reading this, you are reading the beginning of what I am hoping to be regular updates about yours truly, unsolicited and uninformed opinions (because I keep posting to BB's and getting smacked down for uhhh opening my big mouth), and general reviews and rants about life here in the great NW...