Saturday, January 12, 2002

It's Official!!!

Got my site officially up - hoooray!!! - err, at least the construction page. But hey, I've now got my own vanity domain.... More will forthcoming! Will probably export this blog and some pics over. You can even write to me at my own addy !!!
There's no stoppin me now! Heh heh heh...

Friday, January 11, 2002

Scientists have discovered that the universe is mostly a pale green. I kind of like the color actually...
More signs pointing to our own neurotic Orwellian bacchanal, this article in the LA Times about Japanese hiring secret agents to break up relationships, and then on the American side, the inverse - this really creepy site that bugs your would-be spouses and arranges a chance meeting... We're getting more Truman Show than we know.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

And perhaps more timely enough, today's NYT asks
The Many Futures of Music, Maybe One of Them Real... Like some articles in NYT, this is hopelessly a bit late in the game - ClearChannel and it's evils are last year's news (but still this year's villian's)... I esp love the cynicism behind the release from the Industry "No one can compel an artist to record" - yeah, if you're forcing them to tour and inevitably concentrate on generating cash, that's probably the last priority - but those are the rare few. Everyone else has day jobs and has only about 2 seconds a day to think/dedicate to being a potential star...
Just read that Everett True's Live Through This finally hits shelves... (Huh? I thought he did this already?) In any case,. it started a big rant against music criticism - all of which was pointless and dull, much like the actual trainspotting act of trying to pinpoint genre and boil down tastes to what is truly essential (nee ILM)... but I'll shut up on that topic. Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.
Speaking of which - I've not made much further progress on my search for schools/programs. Partially because I think this is the month where apps are due and I'm realizing that more and more - I need to have a year plan ahead of me to figure out what it is I would exactly like to be going for (ie, Industrial Design, Architecture, Interior Architecture), and what's going to ultimately need happen over the course of the next year and 2-3 years. This year - I could possibly enroll in a JC or somewhere to get a few prelim's out of the way (and pay some poor bastard to hotwire MATH into my silly, fluffy brain that normally can't handle it.) I also think I might want to talk to a variety of people in the industry and get a handle on what they think...

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Cool Site...Found this while looking for the longest one-syllable word in the english language... FreakyTrigger, who I learned about through ILM, has finally categorised their entries in the I HATE MUSIC section. There's some funny rants in there (not as funny as say Jump the Shark, but still pretty funny).
Also - not much to report, except my Ralphie-like quote from the day, but it's sadly true - I just burnt my mouth on homemade tomato soup...

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Blasted servers were down - but now they are back up, so apologies if this isn't chronological (tho' hopefully it will be)... It's Tuesday, and I am contemplating staying up all night so I can avalanche into my final week of night-hell. I am going to the gym in about 30 minutes or so...
My friend Heidi showed me her daughter Io's hilarious site!... Io's essentially taking Amazon payments to eat what her visitors select for her (prescreened by Heidi of course!!) -- what a great idea! Laura got me to bug Ian to hopefully do an HI piece on it perhaps for the Weekly. (Ahem, Ian - if you reading this... it would be a good story? No??)
Speaking of - I can't believe I haven't mentioned that Cupcake [our literary endeavors patched together into a small tasty treat] was finally launched... Go Hodder! Go Hodder! Go Hodder!
I am washing gym clothes - I better go get them so i can migrate my flabbily ass to the gym.

Monday, January 07, 2002

I'm deleriously happy today... Even though it's pissing like an animal... I won't say why, but could it be because I heart and their wacky antics? Could it be because I had a Krispy Creme donut today? I won't say... But whatever it was, it caused me to get off the recycled-air 60-bus and walk home in the deluge and love every minute of it...

Sunday, January 06, 2002

Well - I just signed up for 18 sessions at the gym, setting me back a grand. The installment plan wasn't even liberal enough. I arrived at 8pm, met with the ultra perky, chipper program coordinator whose job it was to sell, sell, sell - needless to say, she already had a receptive audience, so the 18 sessions weren't a problem - but the installment plan and getting the money was. Can I pay in 3 installments x 60 and not 30 days? How about you pay 30? Can I pay 60? Let me check - (guy one with a neck and jawline as big as Texas comes over and says it might be 60, but he's heard 30 - [hmmm I bet this is rehearsed]). She checks with guy no#3, another hefty guy named Roman with a russian accent... Sorry, it's 30 days - but hey, shmooze, schmooze, schmooze.... So No? Can I redeem the 6 month free coupon that I didn't last year? No? Oh... Gyms operate under the guise of a business, but like a circus - they really want heads to come into the freak show at first and quickly leave. But I've been with this place long enough to duck the hardsell and know when I don't need personal training.
Unfortunately, with my ever expanding waist size - now I do.
Oh well, at least at the new gym - I still pay the old rate, and can watch TV while on the treadmill.