Sunday, January 13, 2002

I feel like catching up with my run-away life this weekend (or calling in sick tomorrow so i can do the same - but alas, I've so much crap to deal with it won't be possible)... So, I'm going to have to deal with all the crap minute by minute. I'm amazed at my inefficiency sometimes and lack of organization -- I even had the following dream which is really disturbing:
I wake up next to my bed and there are 3 animal cages containing a Kitten, a Puppy, and a Possum or like creature . I suddenly realize that these are actually all of my pets and I've neglected to take care of them for months! Suddenly, the horrific realization hits and I'm scrambling to see if they are still alive -- I open the door to the kitten's cage. Amazingly enough, it's become a semi-grown feral cat that's managed to survive off it's own filth and hairballs. I then proceed to the puppy's cage, which had managed to live off of a rodent (perhaps the Possum?) but since had succumbed to hunger and was barely alive in a mummified, stunted body with eyes carefully opening to look at me in betrayal. Horrified I quickly run to the fridgerator and forage for something to feed the animals. I find a half-eaten Quesadilla in the fridge and feed it to the Cat who wolfs it down and demands more... I then wake up to realisation that none of this is true yet it's all laden with guilt and symbols (and yes, Rachel and Lyle - this is probably why I shouldn't have pets or children)...

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