Thursday, January 17, 2002

Some days are like blissfully robot-like. Automated, productive, scheduled, planned, executed, completed, cleaned and then to bed. I managed to wake up late this morning however, but somehow - resilliance took over and I used my otherwise-useless cellphone to call into the usual Thursday 9am meeting while enroute on the bus. It's a complete farce that I do this - yet strangely efficient - that I can walk and be part of some sedintary group at the same time. After getting off work - I managed to purchase my usually frivilous hair products, a cordon bleu pre-prepared chicken from QFC, and water for my workout. I then went home - timed a download of Macromedia's Dreamweaver Trial-program (which of course took 1.25 hrs on my cruddy 56k) while simultaneously having a very productive workout with Issiah at the Gym. Both I and my MAC a bit more sore and bulky than normal, having eaten the chicken, wrapped my scalp in the latest hairloss treatment and I'm about to retire... Odd, I had a completely different take on the day not less than 5 hours ago. I was feeling the monotony of my life dripping out of the sides, nothing happening, everything in stasis... Funny how a few rush of post-workout hormones can suddenly create a good day.

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