Friday, January 18, 2002

TG-Farkin-F. I'm feeling low-down and about to crash...I think the cold I've been fighting through supplements and disbelief is descending on me. I'm wary of getting sick - especially since next week's going to be busy... Or sort of. I don't know. I feel like I'm underwater when I am work. I seem to move in the below mentioned stasis - working on projects that tread like death until I see an absolute futility in doing them. I understand the need to document and plan and process, but this repeat cycle is getting to be so damn old.
I came home to try to learn Macromedia and see how quick I could throw together a webpage but soon found myself a mesh in directions and tutorials all bent on trying to cram every aspect of web-development into an 8 hour session that left me forgetting half of what I learned, disregarding the rest and starting to off-road and write the bad code I am notorious for writing. I didn't post any of my results yet. I keep realizing how little content I really have at the moment. It's probably going to consist of this Blog, links to my pictures, and a few favorite links. That's it. I seriously have to rethink why I am doing this. Especially since I've paid money to have the freakin ads removed off this site.
At any rate - I'm going dormant for the next 8 hours.

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