Saturday, January 19, 2002

Ok - today was the day I didn't clean my messy apartment. It was the day I awoke at 9:30 rushed up to Beate's to buy Poundcake mix and have sardines for breakfast. We then went to see Royal Tanenbaums (yes, I've seen this before -- but I seldom see movies twice, and thus this was a movie that I really dug on so many levels, so alas - I had to see it again)... Played pool with Beate and Irene at the Canterbury.
Evening - Met up with Rachel, Lyle, Eric and Yachen and went to Kirkland to see Eugene's Tapdancing recital. OK - now reread the the last 7 words of that sentence and picture the immediate irony and humor and brilliance of the situation... Yes, we travelled to the former burb (where in years 96-97, I spent roughly 40 hours a week and 5 hours weekly commuting to) to see a dance studio very unpretentiously present it's students in various skill levels and routines. All ages, gender, and body types participated, and the evening was refreshingly fun - I mean, why act so jaded and cool when 23 Fainting Spells can't think of a new number for the Fringe Festival whereas 8 senior citizens can get up and tap to "Pink Panther" and be completely off, but put more heart into it than you expected? It's just so funny that's all...
We then went to Midnight Garden for late night Chinese food and a backstage rehash from Eugene and his fried Melanie (?)... In any case, I've drank appx 2.5 JimBeam+cokes (after accidentally spilling .5 on Eric's bride to be, Yachen! D'oh!!) and thus now am thirsting for bed.

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