Friday, April 12, 2002

Tonight's proof that I am allergic to work functions - I had full intention of going to a friends going-away party at work. She was a long time collegue in another department, made a point of inviting me, it was on the hill, a friday night - I figured a drink wouldn't hurt. Ok - so, I go into the Elysian and automatically I was thrown off. It turned into a resteraunt. Worse yet, the group was a size of 20 people or so. One too many to be social and tell yr departing coworker goodbye, one too few to blend into a group of people. Just wasn't feeling the be-there, be-cool, hang out w/my Ama-homies. So - I did the "can't see them. hmmm I wonder where they are..." and turned around and left. I feel shitty - esp. if anyone noticed. I was deliberately not joining the reindeer games. Am I bad person? Am I not giving them a chance? I don't know. One thing I do know, I usually require alot of alcohol in tandem w/work functions and I've recently decided to not partake in boozing it up.

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