Thursday, April 11, 2002

...and who has reascended onto the rock stage, but my own fave performance art heroine Ann freakin Magnuson!!! She's touring with her band/show "Rave Mom" in several unnannounced shows in Brooklyn (you can see photos/review at this blog from another Ann Magnuson/Bongwater devotee, including a playlist) Ahhh, Ann - we heart you so! She's been the acolyte of rock culture and the pop subconscious for nearly 3 decades, so I've always thought they ought to give her her own news program. Like a morning news program - where she hosts news about the world, but often it turns into a song where she sings about dreams we might have all had about David Bowie...
Of course, I also suggested to Momus on a BB that he team up with her and form a very avant gaurd Johnny Cash / June Carter kinda duo.

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