Thursday, April 11, 2002

Nix the blender bender - folks are busy that night. However - it turns out Brent is coming up next week, so the Old Man and his smell have got to go in any case. Instead, I need the smell of moutain air and freshly baked pies... a clean floor. Is that too much to ask?
In any case, I managed to survive yet another reorg at work. I won't get into it (for those of you ex-zonians out there) - but needless to say, it's actually good timing as my savings has dwindled enough to where I can't afford retirement. Nope, I'm sticking around for the old-fashioned reason that there's bills to pay... In fact, I've taken to operating on a strict cash basis (as in using it when I've got it and not charging it when I don't). So, I'm a wage slave yet again! (How very 80's/early 90's)....

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