Monday, June 17, 2002

Sunday's Times was mapping out just what a dirty bomb would be like... Impact wise... Something you shudder to think, yet you do want to not rule out that something so horrific can happen. I can't link to the story, but needless to say I usually think about these scenarios as I walk up the Beacon hill bridge to Pacmed - it's span over the traffic of I-5, people on their way to work (like me), and a whole panoramic view of Seattle... I don't know why, partially because the bridge is ancient and I feel the damn thing tremble under my feet everytime a semi drives on it, or partially that I feel the need to confront the awful gut feeling that something unseen could be slowly undoing humanity as I quietly go to work. And then I remember that I am not quite as angstful as I was 10-15 years ago, to give it a rest, and get my ass in my desk asap.
In the meantime, it's nice to always have a constant in an ever changing world - like ABC doing a Go-Go's Biopic... I love the sensational, trashy biopic!! They are the network TV's waste products of the summer off season (because series are all in repeats until fall), so they resort to telling the torrid, terrible rise to fame of some celebrity, or in this case, rock band on the rise and fall to fame. The setting is always stagey, the actors are terrible, and the drama of someones life becomes reduced to cliche grunts and moralizing about whatever their crisis was at the time (in the Go-Go's case it was too much blow and too many boys!) I can't wait to see who they'll cast to party like it was 1982 all over again!

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