Saturday, June 22, 2002

Owch. I'm a bit hungover this morning. I went to two parties last night - first at Unkle Ken's new place in Belltown, a rather posh condo with a huge deck, and then later to Michael's house, where we stayed until 3am, chatting up a storm with Kelly and Michael and co. and drinking ourselves silly (ahemmm, Rachel?)... In any case, I've taken enough vitamins and drank enough coffee to get over the nausea slope.
Today is National Get Your House In Order Day. It's the day where you don't go out and instead stay in and clean like a possessed Joan Crawford banshee... Scrub the floorboards and listen to the bad reggae program on Kexp (because if i start to listen to This American Life on KUOW, all I will do is just sit there and stare into space, drinking coffee...)
Speaking of houses - I found this charming site of a
house in documentation. I love the design - it's very much like a retailer like Blue Dot, only he's not selling anything... Just documenting.
Yes, a timewaster, but a charming timewaster nonetheless.

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