Thursday, April 04, 2002

I started a joke, that started the whole world crying... No, not today. The sun was out, the weather was warm, spring was in the air... Everyone was happy - except me, sweating my way on up the hill. I hate sun because I hate sweating, yet I do it profusely (gawd, I'm doing it even now... WHY IS THIS!?). The closer we get to the 90's, the louder I will complain (and yes, I realise I risk angering the summer god who will cloak Seattle in rain and darkness through July, but dammit - I don't need UV light coming in and wreaking havoc with my pores... OVERCAST PLEASE, but without humidity. Thank you.
In any case - I'm feeling ill at ease. I had a bad "self day" after I caught myself and the shag haircut I am attempting to grow out and realized I look less like Noel Gallagher and more like John Ritter (and worse, John Ritter now).

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