Friday, April 05, 2002

I am sitting at work, windows-shopping on various shoe sites…dreaming, hoping, wishing. Not this month. I’m on a strict financial diet for April. My finances have forced me to do a reality check and like reality, it’s not going to be much fun: Rachel and Lyle invited me to go up to Canada, but after quickly looking into my dwindling back account, I just realized my weakness for Robbeson street and all those discount, yet-seemingly-high end shoe shops. No, I had to refuse…. I could not go for I know that I would be in tow with some calf-damaging purchase from Aldo and 3 bags of Smarties (the superior Canadian M&M!!)… I would then spend the next month counting laundry change and trying to walk around in a pair of Prada-knockoff loafers that end up giving me blisters by the 3rd hour.
Sigh – instead, I am to stay home tomorrow and do laundry, clean and think about why my seemingly dull life seems to be so expensive lately…
In any case – it’s raining. Per my comments from yesterday, I can say that I am soooo glad.

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