Saturday, April 06, 2002

Ok - you can't blame me for the lapse in days (this is actually being written on Sunday)... Blogger has had a blog jam somewhere and I couldn't post for the last 36 hours. Goodness. In any case, not much has been happening this weekend. I did the domestic thing, doing 5 lbs of laundry (to avoid doing taxes)... and then later went with Pam to our friend Dana's Housewarming. It was amazing to see what she had done with her W.Seattle home - it was completely a different place (tangerine walls, tiles, fancy furniture). Of course, whenever I go to freind's houses where they do this amazing redeco job I immediately think "God, at 32 I am still proudly displaying my thrift store art finds and trying to pass off my folding church chairs as utilitarian kitsch." Oh well, different stages of life, different priorities, i guess. Also, I've yet to have my garage sale where I finally get rid of these national treasures.

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