Monday, June 10, 2002

Something I learned today - I need to push my face back while I'm lifting... I scrunch it up and thus build the muscles around my eyes... This leads to lines and perhaps a big unibrow to match. More importantly, I learned about my stomach muscles and how I can keep them from throwing out my back... Issiah says it will take some time to focus those things and just put them on autopilot, but it does amaze me how much the human body is made up of various parts.

Speaking of - I was perusing the books dealing with Artificial Intelligence and Cloning. In terms of ethics - I go back and forth on the issue personally, although - it's already the pandora's box left wide open. People will inevitably do something foolish with good intentions and - oops - there's the first cloned human. Isn't it cute? Don't you want to take it home? Every home could have one... I wonder if this dwelling on cloning came from seeing Star Wars II last friday? (Yeah, I finally saw it at Cinerama - in the very front row because I came in very late. Needless to say, I could see Natalie Portman's blackheads I was that close to the screen)... In any case, the last few scenes seemed to have all the government characters (the morally ambiguous good guys) scratching their heads looking out over a sea of clones... Yoda then making some grim assessment that the "darkness has fallen" (reminding us of grim reactions following Hiroshima for some who actually grasped what the new technology actually meant...) Same thing for cloning. They've unleashed it... What next? But I'm getting too deep here... Bioethics and Star Wars will make a good film crit' for some struggling film student, but I'm tired and hungry and want to eat my cloned hamburger...

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