Saturday, June 15, 2002

Seeing alot of movies lately... Last night I rented Donnie Darko... A rather excellent, yet complex film. It's somewhat hard to classify - but here goes: Think Back to the Future if written by Don Dellilo with a dash of Ordinary People and J.D. Salinger thrown in - all of it set in 1988. The director does an amazing job of capturing real teen angst - and the year I graduated: I was 18 at the time the movie was set and I too thought that a) the world was going to end or b) I was completely crazy. (*Note: I now know for a fact that a) the world will end - sometime... and b) I probably am crazy, but I'm too tired to act on it.)
In any case - today was to be my garage sale day, but a coworker is having a family emergency, so duty calls. Not terribly bad as I need to get some sh** done anyways. Besides, I've not gone through my crap yet to see what I need/want to sell... (Hell, I still can't get into my storage because I've lost the key... Why do I complicate things like this? Sigh... Anyone have a pair of bolt cutters?)

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