Friday, February 01, 2002

Oh my god - I haven't posted a damn thing since Tuesday!? Well, it's proof that I've been hella busy at work, trying to sort out the Dogme project and going to the gym (I can't believe that I would ever admit to even saying that, but it's true) that I've done little in my spare time (unless you count the time I spend crawling around between all three because I'm soooo bloody tired) -so I've nothing notable to point out. No new sites, no fantastic news, or observations.
...and even worse is the fact that I'm right now at work on a friday night trying to finish last minute projects. Today was a day that I had many "customers" and these "customers" were really needing some form of "validation" because the "procccccessssss" wasn't "worrrrrrrrrking"... Whatever. Sorry, folks - don't mean to take it out on the blog, but I so need a vacation... Or go back to school. Or travel. Or volunteer helping the mentally disabled shop for groceries and write checks to their utlities. Or walk dogs. Or make obscure films. Or Find true love on the internet. Or get into religious dietary tenants. Or sing songs of great sadness that your heart will truly break when I belt out the final chorus. Or just walk down the street with no particular destination, and turn a few heads as if they say, "huh...interesting" (maybe that's a good interesting or a bad interesting... who knows)...
I just need a vacation.
and go nowhere.

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