Saturday, February 02, 2002

I ended up working until 1:30am on a report that's probably going to have a lifespan of 1.5 months (I realize of course that my saying that inevitably means this will backfire and I'll have to crank these out every week, but if so - i've at least a good framework now). In any case - I managed to finish the "list" of tasks due in my outlook yesterday, something amazing. I am now, however - feeling a bit sluggish and trying to jumpstart the day with an entire caraffe of coffee. (Note - the crappy Braun that I bought in 92 is finally giving up the 10 year ghost, so I've a newer one en route.)
I'm going to Beate's Groundhog's Day party. I'm to bring Vodka for martini's - but I'm also restraining myself to just one. My former occupation as "Lush and boozer" is getting a very slow retirement party (2xscotch and soda's on Wednesday, a few tonight, etc) -- but I can honestly say that getting soused isn't as great as it used to be. I feel like the rush of getting soused in public/private to be rare, inconvenient and well -- not as artful as it once was (paying for overpriced cocktails at the #$(%*ing Baltic Room [or even the $%*&$in Cha-Cha] is turning nightlife into Mcdonald's style-genericism. Yeah - Thanks, guys for a memorable evening...)
In any case - I'm cleaning the clutter today and tomorrow. Possibly weeding out my closet of the various clown and monkey suits, funky thrift scores I pass off as vintage (but somehow fail and make me look like a creepy late 70's throwback), and the "normalcy" clothing that I never wore... That does it. It's nothing but designer knockoffs and ...
    Speaking of tired RETRO things - I just found out that Tron, the geek-opus film from my youth that made me dearly want a commodore 64 so I could fight the evil corporate powers, has had a big revival:
  • a 2 disk DVD has been released with new footage. I seem to recall when I first saw a huge home theater set up in the mid 80's and laserdisc had made this big debut... They were playing this film. It boomed on the Yamaha speakers and impressed all the yuppies.
  • A Sequel to the movie called either Tron 2.0 or Tronkillerapp is supposed to be in production or something. There's this cryptic teaser site that's probably going to do another "A.I." like marketing campaign (where they create their own some-what related narrative around a whole bunch of sites and lead fans on a big scavenger hunt for clues. I'll try to find the article and post it here sometime for you to read - it was a pretty interesting phenomena...)
  • 80's synth-meisters Ladytron are going to be performing a live soundtrack to the original "Tron" in London...
Now if I can just remember my strategies at winning Tron Deadly disks, I'll be my own true geek self...

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