Monday, January 28, 2002

I am bursting with non-sequitors to report, but nothing that points to the fact it was a busy monday (which it wasn't)... however, we'll go in reverse ---

  1. I just found out that Edith Beale died two weeks ago!! For those who are not familiar with the cult doco "Grey Gardens", Edith - or Little Edie as she's called - was the very eccentric cousin of Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, who moved back in w/her aging mother, "Big Edie" at Grey Gardens - a wonderfully yet horribly decaying mansion (it was declared a health hazzard in the 70's while they were still living there). In any case, this is so timely -- as the Mayle's brother's wonderful documentary has had a big resurgence lately (the DVD has interviews with several celebs and fashion designers citing Edie as an inspiration, and Rufus Wainwright wrote a song about them). If you haven't seen this documentary - see it! You'll be amazed. (A good amazed, not shocked amazed. Contrary to what critics say, there is triumph in the movie.)... Also, it looks as though finally a good tribute site is up,, courtesy of smut magnate David K.
  2. Over the course of three cocktails with Rachel and Lyle last night, we made a remarkable discovery: Women can lift chairs with their heads placed against a wall while men cannot. This trick is to be tried while standing 3 paces back and leaning against the wall with your head - try lifting a chair. Can't be done. In any case - kudos to Lyle for digging this one from an All in the Family episode.
  3. Lorah sent me an interesting update from her high school chum who has chosen to live in terrarium-like biosphere. Details and soon-to-be livecam are here - but let me tell ya, this is a dream job! Where else do you get to poo in bags and interract with other species?

More later...

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