Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Ooh - I can't sleep now. I have to get the story idea for the film somewhat slightly together, and just having been buzzed from a great dinner and stimulating conversation w/Beate and seeing the latest dazzling japanime flick Metropolis, I return to quickly check email and do my usual semi-weekly lurking on ILE, only to discover this
heated thread on men dating asian women. Of course, it's pretty much ILE vs Momus, who's Japaniphilia is reknown - but, I am tempted to write back with love doesn't know color, but neither does 5 shots of whiskey in a backroom somewhere in Shinjuku - but that might be getting a bit personal... Besides, that would mean some kind of emotional internet investment - which is one of my unsaid resolutions for 2002 (ie, don't get involved in posting on BB's - esp. when you've nothing to say on said subject). I do want to start posting at some point again however - but only come back with a bit more "umph", and less pretense. Maybe later. Maybe never.

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