Saturday, January 12, 2008

Upward Mobility

Ok - so sorry for the delay in posts... Lotsa things happening, among them a new beaux (pictured) and an old, dying mac (not pictured)... I've gotten the bug for a new mac after the old one got one and had senile dementia. Thus, Darryn and I crossed the frozen tundra of lake washington today to purchase this lil' diddy here... A shiny macbook pro. I am luvin the speed, apps and ability that it's providing me... The imac was nice, but it was clunkin and not loading the goods. This new, titanium steel board and awesome graphics and load time are making me want to go to every coffee shop in town and start fervently writing my epic in daily blog posts... This makes it soooo easy.... I am thus making a New Year's reso to become one of those "Scary Blog Friends" as my friend Ian once put it...

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