Monday, January 14, 2008

Real Girls, 77 Behavior Patterns

I went with Darryn last night to go see Lars and the Real Girl at the Crest. I was pleasantly suprised at how heartfelt the movie was -- in addition to it's subtle satire on modern relationships. It made me think of this interesting article from Salon a while back on men who buy "Love Dolls". It's very similar (probably inspired the movie at some point), these guys who can't seem to make a connection in real life so they tailor it in private. I think goes without saying that the next nonbio-logical leap will be of course Robots. Yes, this elicits a big "eww" out of alot of people, myself included. Probably the thought of anything mechanized doing the dirty is well, kind of suspect. It's not that it's simply automation, but usually people prefer to have a consciousness and desire at the other end. However I think, like the townspeople in the movie, they realize it's sort of like letting some people have practice until the real thing might materialize...

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