Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dirty 30

1. I will give a damn.
2. I will be more honest.

Those are the two resolutions (or reso's for this year that I can only think of at the moment. I've already signed up for the STP, RSVP, Chilly Hilly and the Flying Wheels (if you're not a bike rider, those mean nothing to you and probably it's for the best). I've already attained some physical stature from last year, but I really do not want to become any more fanatic (or else I'd do triathalon's and where's the fun in that? No really, I ask). Sooo, resolutions. I've nothing to say that I can do better in the new year (except be a better friend/boyfriend/son/coworker/boss, and believe me, it takes some work).

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