Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Lists of the upcoming summer

    A compilation of scenes from the upcoming months (to the tune of "That's Entertainment" by the English band, the Jam).
  • Walking along a semi-busy street at night and feeling the heat wash over you in waves. The sound of approaching cars and people doing things outdoors that are normally done indoors.
  • The smell of propane and pulled weeds. A woman cursing in her backyard at either dogs or small children.
  • "Out of Office" Notices from personal distribution lists.
  • The completely failed-to-notice idea of not wearing sunscreen.
  • Plants wilting on hot porches. Yellowing newspapers. A half-consumed beer bottle and partially full long island.
  • Citronella candles in obscene colors.
  • Vintage Polyshirt-sweat smelling of old cigarettes and old man sweat (not yours).
  • Not just cold refreshing cola, but throwback soda that you've not had in a while.
  • No really good movies until September. Only theater to see is Bald Face Lie and late night drag somewhere obscure.
  • Things with Mayo going bad really quick.
  • Late night TV with your door wide open and the sound blaring away.
  • Sitting on the floor in your underwear in front of a fan, watching the last rays of sun going down.
  • Wishing you were in Iceland.

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