Thursday, April 21, 2005


Crap, Double Crap

A few days passed and I've been negligent in my blogging. There was quite a few articles and opinionated things I was going to discuss...

  • The fact I just finished "The Underminer" and found it hilarious yet terrifying real.
  • The fact that I bought the new iDN Mag from Uwajimaya and have been turned onto all these great new euro-bands (and the Morr label).
  • The fact that I saw a Leigh Bowerey documentary and found him to be completely original (even 20 years ago) and we're sorely missing that element of whimsey and outrage that was the 80's.
  • The fact that Ann Coulter had an explosion on the Cover of Time as looking like an insect in drag herself.
  • The fact they've just elected a really super scary uber conservative ex-nazi Pope to really make sure we go back to the dark ages.
  • The fact that RIchard Florida just published a new book "Flight of the Creative Class" where he goes on to discuss the impact of our unfriendly and near-fascist immigration policies (along with hating any minority for that matter) and our bloated arts community is still cow-towing to conservatives for funds.

No - I was going to write all about those things, but then I got forwarded this article and find myself dealing with alot of questions and issues, which immediately came after reading the Senate outcome of HB1515. As much as I don't want to lapse into a trail of expletives and hurl things at pictures of various bigoted, stupid senators from Hok-wee-uhmm (wherever that is) - I am on the verge of forming a cultural fatwa on the scary individual who got this whole mess turned up... Ken Hutcherson. He probably had more impact on the Senators than Microsoft, but that he had this impact on Microsoft is terrifying to say the least. Previous zealots (Phelps, Falwell, Roberson) are rhetorical and simply do the money dance for the cameras... This guy could walk into a corporate office and change a policy, like the Gestapo coming into a place of business and doing pretty much the same thing in prewar Germany. Chilling... Maybe I'm overreacting and the allusion is a bit extreme - but something about this powerplay is bigger and deeper than we're seeing at the moment. But then again - now MS is lying and saying he didn't have an impact. Indeed.

Well - I thank the god I believe in (the nice one that accepts all people) that I have a Mac.

There's more interesting debate here and hereif you're interested.

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