Monday, May 02, 2005

get busy

Get Busy

Oh hey there - How you been? Me, I'm waist deep in social activity these days - so I've just a brief minute to say hello and give you a few articles. Sorry I can't stay and talk, but you know me these days... On. The. Go! My life is so double booked and my personal assistant (Seela) is working overtime to make sure you and I get, you know, Catch-up time. I'm sure she'll find something soon, lunch or possibly just a 5-minute exchange of phone texts, but regardless - she'll be in touch. Oh sorry - can't get into conversation now... No talk! Just wave!!! (yelling from cab) IF IT'S TRULY IMPORTANT - CALL MY ASSISTANT! SHE'LLL SET EVERYTHING UP!! (cab drives off and leaves the following artifacts in it's wake):

Ann Coulter Slash Fiction: Does anything say eww (but elicit laughs) than this way inappropriate blog or this site exposing Coulter as a former arab-lovin' trannie?. (Note - not appropos for the workplace).

Atheist Article in Salon: this interesting Richard Dawkins interview in salon shows that America has fallen off the flat earth and into the dark ages. Granted, he's on the extreme end of atheism (and says agnosticism is a cop-out), but he does have interesting points about religion as a virus...

Celebutante: The Value of Nothing: Paris Hilton can appear and do nothing and earn more than I could make in two years. Read about it here.

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