Monday, February 07, 2005

People and Software

People like Software

I had to run an errand during lunchtime (Ok, dumb error - I accidentally forgot to return the Flexcar gascard I was using yesterday) and found myself downtown amid the sea of business people I wasn't used to seeing normally. Something amazing was that I found everyone predictable - having conversations about last night's SuperBowl ads, and how much their speech became like "predictable text" (you know, like the predictable text on your cellphone). For some reason, I wasn't suprised that 2 office workers found the offerings trite and the cgi graffix for a unicorn selling 6 figure airtime boring. People actually complained to the FCC that the 1/2 time show was too boring, which I can't tell you how happy that makes me (but the demographic data is still depressing nonetheless)...

Speaking of the trite subject of "Sports and Natural Selection", here's one fan that's probably realizing that self-castration is no wardrobe malfunction.

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