Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dance While The World Burns

Dance While The World Burns.
Ugh - they say that "Rehab" might be on it's last legs at Rebar, which is unfortunate because it's the only DJ night that usually I go to anymore. It doesn't draw a huge crowd and there's been nights where it's just been a few of us shaking our drunken fannies to Joy Division or Pere Ubu. But dammit - it's ours and the only remaining legacy of Foxes that's weekly (excluding when Pho Bang comes out)... I'm hating DJ music more and more around town anymore (Comeback, et al) partially because the ironic reference frame keeps getting too literal and enveloping (now it's dirty rap and early 90's hip-hop that's cutting edge for some reason and a tiny bit o' rawk to make it "edgy"... No more dancing to shoegazer music -- we're beyond that, no one wants to relive the punck Rouke Classiques vol 38, and John Peel is indeed dead thanks to you and your post-electroclash fop's that have overrun Pike St w/your need for 21st century validation.

Oh well - what makes me happy is that "Strangers W/Candy" opened up in Sundance and the talented Amy Sedaris will be Gladys Kravitz in this year's Bewitched remake...


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